Gym Candy

By haydens
  • Exposition

    Author: Carl Dueker
    Characters: Mick Johnson, Mike Johnson, the mom, Drew.
    Setting: San diego
    Time; 2000's
  • Mick's first football game.

    Mick plays his first football game in his backyard with his dad.
  • Mick starts Pop Warner Football

    Mick starts playing football for an actual league in third grade.
  • Mick meets his new coach.

    Mick's new football coach is really tough on him because he got layed out by Mick's dad in college.
  • Mick is at the top of his game.

    Mick is playing in highschool and is as good as he has ever been.
  • Turning point

    Mick turns to steroids because he wants to be better and stonger.
  • The Park

    Mick roid rages and takes his father's gun and tells his girlfriend to meet him at the park. She thinks he's going to shoot her but, instead he shoots himself.