Gunning Bedford Jr.

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  • Born

    (exact date unknown), born in Philadelphia. The fifth of seven children.
  • Period: to

    Gunning Bedford Jr. Timeline

    Exact birthday is unknown
  • Married Jane B. Parker

    Married Jane B. Parker
    (exact date unknown) Married Jane B. Parker, who gave birth to at least one daughter.
  • Graduated from (Princeton)

    Graduated from (Princeton)
    (exact date Unknown) In 1771 Bedford graduated with honors from the College of New Jersey (Princeton). He was a classmate of James Madison.
  • Passing theBar

    Passing theBar
    (exact date unknown) Bedford won admittance to the bar and set up a practice
  • Serving in the Continental Army (start of civil war)

    Serving in the Continental Army (start of civil war)
    served in the Continental Army, possibly as an aide to General Washington.
  • Sitting in legislature

    (no exact date) He sat in the legislature, on the state council, and in the Continental Congress
  • End of civil war

    End of civil war
    The continental army was disbanded
  • Start attorney general of Delaware

    start of his carrer as the attorney general of Delaware
  • End of sitting in legislature

    (no exact date) End of sitting in legislature
  • Start of the Constitutional Convention

    Start of the Constitutional Convention
    in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. he was numbered among the more active at convention, and he missed few sessions. A large and forceful man, he spoke on several occasions and was a member of the committee that drafted the Great Compromise.
  • End of the Constitutional Convention

    End of the Constitutional Convention
    The end of the constitutional convention
  • End of being general of attorney of delware

    (No exact date) Ending of his career of being the attorney of delware.
  • Federal district

    Washington designated him as a federal district judge for his state, an office he was to occupy for the rest of his life.
  • Start of federalist presidential

    (no exact day) as a Federalist presidential elector
  • End of Federalist presidential

    (no exact date) End of Federalist presidential
  • Died

    (no exact date) Bedford died at the age of 65 in 1812 and was buried in the First Presbyterian Churchyard in Wilmington. Later, when the cemetery was abandoned, his body was transferred to the Masonic Home, on the Lancaster Turnpike in Christiana Hundred, DE.