Gun Control

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    Gun Control

  • U.S. Constitiution

  • Black Codes

    Inhibits the purchase of firearms by African Americans
  • NRA Established

    William C. Church and George Wingate founded NRA
  • National Firearms Act

    Banned fully automatic firearms, due to gang/mobster violence
  • Federal Firearms Act

    Requires a license to own a gun, also, one cannot buy a gun if they are a fellon.
  • Gun Control Act

    Enacted because of the assassinations of MLK, JFK, RFK, and Malcom X.
  • Ban on "Cop Killer" bullets

    Made the purchasing of Armor Piercing bullets illegal.
  • Gun free school zones

    All school zones became "no gun zones", with severe penalty to carriers that were caught.
  • Brady Act

    Requires all gun dealers to do background checks on gun buyers.
  • Jewish citizens go against the gun control laws

    Few Jewish people turn on gun control laws becuase of the similarities to the holocaust.