Grunge Music

  • Kurt Cobain Born

    Kurt Cobain Born
    He was born in Hoquaim it is a small town west of Seattle. His mother was a cocktail waitress and his father was an auto mechanic.
  • Layne Staley Birth

    Layne Staley Birth
    (click here) to read more about Layne StaleyLayne always wanted to be a singer and when he was only 12 years old he started to play the drums. This was a tough time for him because during this time his parents got a divorce.
  • Stone Temple Pilots Bio

    Stone Temple Pilots Bio
    (click here) to read more about Alice an ChainsScott Weiland and Robert Deleo found out that they where dating the same girl. The left both of them while they where staying at her old place. They said to each other how about creating a band. The named the Mighty Joe Younge. They where from San Diego where they did alot of there music.
  • Stone Temple Pilots Bio

    Stone Temple Pilots Bio
    (Click here) to see the Stone Temple Pilots homepageAfter Scott Weiland and Robert Deleo had made there first to songs that chaned there name of there band to the Stone Temple Pilots. After they had changed the name they added Eric Kretz and Corey hiecock but they did end up getting rid of Corey and they got Deleos brother to replace him.
  • Alice in Chains Bio

    Alice in Chains Bio
    (click here) to look at more of Alice in ChainsIt was when they first came together it started in seattle it was just layne stayle and Jerry Cantrell they meet at a party in seattle.
  • The Beginning Nirvana

    The Beginning Nirvana
    The people that started in Nirvana where Kurt cobain and Krist Novosetic and Aaron Burdhand they where the ones that formed the final line up. They where in Aberdeen Washington when they created the line up.
  • Nirvana records there first demo

    Nirvana records there first demo
    (Click here) to get more Info. on NirvanaNirvana does a demo with Jack Endino and when Sub Pop co-honcho Jonathan Phoneman hears them recording. He offers them to put out a nrivana single and the band agrees with it.
  • Pearl Jams Bio

    Pearl Jams Bio
    (click here) to see more about Pearl Jam
    They used to be call the Mookie Blaylock and there line up was Krusen on drums, Grossard and Mcready on guitars and Ament on bass and Vedder on Vocals
  • Pearl Jam Music Vedio "Even Flow"

    Pearl Jam Music Vedio "Even Flow"
    This was played live and unplugged. They played this song on MTV. (click here) live and unplugged "Even Flow"
  • Changes to Pearl Jam

    Changes to Pearl Jam
    This is when they changed there name from the Mookie Blaylock to Pearl Jam, they where in a studio going over things when they wanted to change the band name.
  • Nirvanas Album (Nevermind)

    Nirvanas Album (Nevermind)
    (Click here) to watch the music video of "Smells like teen spirt"The best songs on this album was Smells like teen spirt, Come as you are, Lithuim and Polly
    This album was the signaling of the end of the hair metal bands.
  • Stone Temple Pilots Album (core)

    Stone Temple Pilots Album (core)
    (Click Here) to look at the Core AlbumThis was there album that has the most well known songs on it. The two well known songs are creep and plush.
  • Lollapalooze 2

    Lollapalooze 2
    (click here) to see more about Lollapalooza Grunge took over rock, Lollapalooza 2, the mainstage lineup was Pearl Jam, Soundgarden at the last show of the tour, Temple of the Dog, That would be enough to ensure 2's place in history. But what many still say was the best Lollapalooza of them all also featured Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, Ministry, Jesus And Mary Chain and Lu
  • Alice in Chains music video "Down in a Hole"

    Alice in Chains music video "Down in a Hole"
    (click here) to listen to "Down in a Hole"This song is when he was doing his worst. So he out his life into a song. Even though it sounds bad.
  • Stone Temple Pilots Music Video "Plush"

    Stone Temple Pilots Music Video "Plush"
    )click here)to listen to Live and Unplugges "Plush" They played live in Barbara, California.
  • Music Video of Nirvana

    Music Video of Nirvana
    It is Nirvana Unplugged in New York singing something in the way. <a href='' >(Click her)Live and unplugged</a>
  • Death of Kurt Cobain

    Death of Kurt Cobain
    (Click here) to read about Kurt Cobain's life He had committes suicide by self inflicted shotgun wound to his head. Cobain's body was found when an electrician visiting the house to install a security system went round the back of the house when no one answered the front door and peered through windows. He thought he saw a mannequin sprawled on the floor until he noticed a splotch of blood by Cobain's ear. When police broke down the door they found Cobain dead on the floor, a shotgun still pointed at his chin and on a nearby counter a suici
  • Alice in Chains Albums

    Alice in Chains Albums
    (click here) to see there biggest album
    That had many ablums one that made them go farther.
    But there best one was there unplugges one.
    Most famous songs where Nutshell, Rooster