13 colonies map

Growthof the Thirteen Colonies, ( halstead,schafer)

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    Growth of the Thirteen Colonies

  • Frst House of Burgesses meeting

    Frst  House of Burgesses meeting
    The burgesses were representatives of the colonys,towns andcould make local laws. In 1619 they met to create laws. It was the first meeting of representative goverment in the new world.
  • The mayflower compact

     The mayflower compact
    The mayflower compact was the firstgoverment document of the plymouth colony. Half the colonists were separatists seeking religous freedom. It was signed by41 of the 101 passengers
  • massachusetts bay

    massachusetts bay
    Jhon Winthrop led settlers to Massachusetts bay. An english settlement on the east coast of north america. Was founded by the Massachusets bay colony.
  • Roger williams

    Roger williams
    Roger williams was forced out of Massachusetts. Also founded the state rhode island.
  • Town of hartford

    Town of hartford
    Thomas hooker founded the town of hartford in conneticut. thomas hooker was a puritan. thomas hooker was also the father of conneticut.
  • war

    war betwee english colonists and pequot indians bring diasaster to the pequots. the reason was the english kept steeling land.
  • first book

    first book
    the first book published in englands american colonies. the title of the book was bay psalm. this book was printed in british north american
  • Maryland colonists

    Maryland colonists
    Maryland colonists were guaranteed religous freedom by the act of toleration. act of toleration was the second law like this. created the first legal limitations.
  • Amsterdam surrenders

    Amsterdam surrenders
    Amsterdam surrendered the dutch colony to england. peter stuyvant was the governer who surrendered the colony. no shots were fired when he surrendered.
  • new amsterdam is renamed

    new amsterdam is renamed
    New amsterdam is renamed new york by the recently established english. renamed new york after the kings brother the duke of york.
  • building of philedalphia

    building of philedalphia
    William Penn supervised the building of philedalphia. william penn wanted to build a city along the deleware river for a trading place. philedalphia was the largest city and biggest port.
  • Charter of liberties

    Charter of liberties
    Charter of Liberties permitted colonists in pennsylvania to elect legislative repersentatives. sought to bind the kings to certain laws.
  • jhon law

    jhon law
    scottish entrepreneur jhon law establishes the louisana company to develop the mississippi valley for france. John law believed money was only exchange.
  • Iroquois league

    Iroquois league
    the iroquois league became known as th six nations after the tuscarora join the group. this group was made up of 7 native american nations.
  • Great awakening

    Great awakening
    a reavilist movement in america led by jonathan edwards became known as the great awakening. refered to a time of religous rivial.