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Growth of the 13 colonies from 1600-1770(Gillens+Perri)

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    Growth of the 13 colonies from 1600-1770

  • Jamestown

    Jamestown was settled by John Smith. Jamestown was Americas first permanent English colony in Virginia. The colony was sponsored by the Virginia Company of London.
  • Tobbaco

    Tobbaco was finally planted in North and South America. It bacame a cash crop because it was sold easily. it was used in mant different ways such as religious and medical practices.
  • the publishing of england

    the publishing of england
    Captain John Smith, of Pocahontas fame, was the author of "The Description of New England” published in 1616. The book was the first to apply the term “New England” to coastal lands of North America from the Long Island Sound to Newfoundland.
  • House of Burgesses

    House of Burgesses
    First assembly of elected reprsentitives of english colonists in North America. The House of Burgesses was established by The Virginia Company. The House of Burgesses first meeting was held at Jamestown, Virginia on July 30th 1619.
  • New Hampshire

    New Hampshire
    New Hamshire was founded for profit trading and fishing. It was a planned colony from the begining. Captin John Smith died before seeing his colony.
  • Massachusetts Plymouth

       Massachusetts Plymouth
    The Massachusetts Plymouth Colony was founded in December 21st 1620. The colony was founded for religious freedom. Captain John Smith founded the colony and later named it Plymouth.
  • Plymouth

    Pilgrims land on Plymouth Rock. It was founded by Captain John Smith. It was Americas first permenent Puritan settlement.
  • Delaware

    Delaware was founded by Swedish settelers. Delaware was founded to expand trade. The colony was named after Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr.
  • Conneticut

    Conneticut was founded by Thomas Hooker. The colony was founded for fur trading. The colony was also founded for farming puposes.
  • Rhode island

    Rhode island
    Rhode Island was founded by Roger William. The colony ws founded for religous freedom. It was founded by Quakers who were trying to gat away from the colony of Massachusetts.
  • The fight for Port Royal

    The fight for Port Royal
    British take Port Royal, the next year the French retake it. It was the first of the 4 French Indian War. Later after The French Surrendered and the town of Kingston took over and created a nice fishing town there.
  • Georgia

    Georgia was founded by James Orgelthorp. The colony was founded for religious freedom. Also it was founded for protection from the spanish.
  • 7 years war

    7 years war
    The fighting in America helped start the 7 Years War. It was a war between Britain and France. It was a global military was involving most of the great powerof efecting peace in Eroupe.
  • The Proclamation of 1763

    The Proclamation of 1763
    The Proclamation of 1763 was set in in the Appalachain Mountains. It was meant as the temporary boundry for colonies. The prclamation, in effect, closed off the frontier to colonial expansion.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    the Treaty of Paris was also called the Peace of Paris. It was the main reason that the 7 years war had stopped.The treaty was made possibile by British victory over france ans spain.