The southern colonies

Growth of 13 colonies <vargas>

  • Period: to

    Growth of 13 colonies

  • House of burggesses

    House of burggesses
    The first house of burgesses meeting is held. The house of burgesseses are colonists that particepate in goverment
  • John winthrop

    John winthrop
    John winthrop choses boston for a massachusetts settlement. He was chosen governer for the massachusettsbay company because they saw a chance to create a new society
  • Baltimore

    Baltimore decided to grant Maryland for a English haven catholic
  • Willamsburg

    Willamsburg, was a middle plantation. Also it was found in virginia
  • Rhode island

    Rhode island
    Roger willams, finds Rhode island, based on the religous tolerance. Also, Roger williams was a minester who was forced out of Massachusetts
  • War disaster

    War disaster
    a war thats held by the english and indains, brings a disaster to pequots . Even though in disaster it safeguards Connecticut
  • Surpise attack

    The powhatan leader, Opechancaough, sent another surpise attack killing 500 colonists unsuspected.
  • Raid drive

    Raid drive
    The Iroquios raid the Huron. Then, the huron run away to the great lakes
  • The name change

    The name change
    In this year the colony New Amsterdam is renamed New York
  • Glourious revolution

    Glourious revolution
    a peiorod when the queen and king of england got thrown out of the throne due to the monarch
  • French and Indain war

    French and Indain war
    a firce battle in Quebec between Britan and France unleashes in confict. This war, is called the,'French and indain war'