13 coloniesmap

Grouth of the thirteen colonies ( Rogers, Grevell)

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    grouth of the thirteen colonies

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    The Thirteen Original Colonies

  • John Winthrop

    John Winthrop
    John Winthrop led settlers to Massachusetts Bay. He started massachusetts bay for religous freedom. He sailed form England with 700 settelers.
  • Rogers Williams

    Rogers Williams
    Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams. He wanted the colony based on religious tolerance.
  • First university

    First university
    North America's first university was located at Cambridge in the Massachusetts Bay Colonies. They received a large gift from John Harvard.
  • Anne Bradstreet

    Anne Bradstreet
    Author Anne Bradstreet published several poems of Massachusettes in London. One of wich was called " The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up In America."
  • New Amsterdam

    New Amsterdam
    New Amsterdam was renamed New York. New Amsterdam was appart of the New Netherland colonies.New Amsterdam is known as todays NYC .
  • The Glorious revolution

    The Glorious revolution is the overthrow of the King James ll of England by a union of English Parliment arians.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin flies a kite with a key at the end in a thunder cloud. He did this to demostrate the natural cause of electricity.
  • Albany Congress

    Albany Congress
    Benjamin Franklin proposes to the Albany Congress.
  • Declair War

    Declair War
    The French and Indian War began in 1756. Also known as the Seven Years' War. The Native American allies set fire to farmhouses and crops and made settelers go back toward the Coast.