Group D George v George Timeline

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  • The Stamp Act

    Great Britain put tax on stamps and paper goods
  • Stamp Act Repealed

    King George - thought taxes were fair, but he wanted to restore peace
    George Washington - celebrated the tax repeal
  • Daughters of Liberty

    Colonists- don't want to buy from Great Britain, so they smuggle or created their own
  • The Boston Massacre

    Great Britain - colonists were throwing snow balls and wood at British soldiers and formed an angry mob
    Colonists - they were innocent and British soldiers started it
  • British East India Company were the only ones who could sell to America.

  • Boston Tea Party

    Sons of Liberty (colonists) breaking open crates of tea and throwing it into the ocean
  • Great Britain closed the Boston Harbor

    Outraged by the Boston Tea Party
  • Period: to

    Trouble with Taxes

    Great Britain - they want colonists to pay taxes
    Colonists - think it's not fair to pay double in taxes