Greyson Chance

By KM3136
  • Birth

    Greyson Chance was born in 1997.
  • Started playing piano

    Greyson started playing the piano when he was 8 years old. Playing the piano helped him write songs.
  • Starts getting big

    Greyson played the lady gaga song "paparazzi". Every one loved it and he became big on youtube.
  • Paparazzi

    Greyson released a video of him singing lady gaga's "Paparazzi".
  • Ellen DeGeneres

    After Greyson's preformance that was on youtube he was asked to be on the Ellen DeGeneres show.
  • Ellen saw him

    Ellen named he next album "eleveneleven" she saw his video on the 11th. She also said that his jersey number was 11.
  • Twiter/Myspace

    Greyson made an offical Twitter and Myspace page for his fans to know him better.
  • Preform

    Greyson prformed his song "Broken Hearts" on the Ellen Show.
  • Waiting Outside The Lines

    Greyson released his first singel "Waiting Outside the lines" with in the first week it was in the top ten.
  • First Album

    First Album
    In August of 2011 greyson released his first album "Hold On 'Til the Night".