Gregor and the prophecy of bane by Suzanne Collins

  • VERONICA.V. FICTION: Fantasy--1-16 pages; total (16)

    Gregor and his little brother Boots now have there dad home. Gregor has a job with an old lady that thinks he tells stories all the time. Greogor was going to take his brother Boots to the movies one day when his dad got very sick, but he promissed that he would take Boots even though he was very worried about his dad. He didnt know what to do but he didnt want to make Boots sad.
  • VERONICA.V. FICTION: Fantasy--17-48; total 37

    Gregor was at the park with Boots when he took his eyes off of her for one second to find Boots missing! Then he saw her mittens under a rock and found out that she was taken by the cockroaches that thought she was their princess. he went through all these tunnels and stuff to get closser to finding her, but...
  • VERONICA.V. Fiction: Fantasy--49-70;Total 22

    Gregor found his little sister Boots, she got saved by one of his friends down in the underland. Now their stuck there until they find their way out from the bats, which don't come out til winter! :(
  • Veronica.V. Fiction: Fantasy--71-120; Total 50

    Greagor and Boots found the bats and got out of the underground, after going through all of the traps and fighting all of the enimies! Their dad is doing better but he is still weak. Greagor is back in the buisness earning money for tyhe family.
  • Wisdom's Kiss(NEW) Veronica.V. Fiction: Fantasy-- 1-34; Total 34

    So far in the story this girl has a black cat and she can do magic. She's in love with this romantic man, but she just cant get to him! It's kinda of like Romeo and Juliet so far...
  • Veronica.V. Fiction: Fantasy--35-91; Total 57

    She is having trouble with her parents and boys. The only one that she can talk to is her cat. She doesn't understand why she is so hard to deal with and why can't she do her magic on everyone so it's easier.
  • Veronica.V. Fiction; Fantasy--92-153; Total 63

    She finally got the boy shes been dreaming of, but her parents are very upset with her, because they wanted her to be with someone else. They are going to get married soon and live a happy rest of her life, and if she gets married she will loose her magic, but....
  • Veronica.V. Fiction: Fantasy--154-212; Total 59

    She is learning new magic skills but doesn't know if they will help if she marry's her true love! She goes to a mind lady every other day to see how things are going to go on in her futurre life!.....
  • Veronica .V. Fiction: Fantasy--213-284; Total 72

    So, she ends up marring her true love and loosing her magic but the good thing is that her husband now has the magic! They are going to have a little baby girl, named Delila. They will live in a castle and home school their little girl to keep her safe!
  • Veronica,V. Fiction Fantasy--285-300 Total 15

    There were two endings so its the opposite of the other one it's a bad ending when everything goes wrong!