Falla Grand theater

By Chariny
  • Building

    It began to be built with the project of Adolfo Morales de los Rios on the site of the old Grand Theatre of Cadiz, built of wood in 1871 by the architect García del Alamo, which was burned in 1881.The exterior of the Falla Grand Theatre is red brick and its style is neomudejar. Its interior is of great richness and colorful following the Spanish Arabic style.
  • Period: to

    The city council was in charge of directing the building

    The city council was in charge of directing the building. They had several halting due to a shortage of financial funds
  • Finished building

    Finished building
    The building was completed. The municipal architect in charge was Juan Cabrera de la Torre.
  • Opening

    Although the buildings were completed in 1905, until 1910 it was not inaugurated
  • Period: to

    Grand Theatre

    His name was Grand Theatre
  • Falla Grand Theater

    Falla Grand Theater
    It was called Falla Grand Theater in honor of the gaditan music Manuel de Falla
  • First time carnaval sounded

    First time carnaval sounded
    It was the first time the carnival sounded at the theatre with the carnival chorus "Los Pelotaris" by Manuel Lopez Cañamaque
  • Period: to

    Carnival did not sound

    Carnival didn't sound in that period carnival about the civil war and other events
  • Carnival went back

    Carnival went back
    Carnival went back to the theater
  • Period: to


    The theater was refurmished in that period. The contest of carnival groups was held in the meantime in Andalusian theater, which currently no longer exists.
  • Opening

    Opening of the theatre after its refurmishment.
  • Carnival came back

    Carnival came back
    The carnival grouping contest came back to Falla Grand Theatre
  • Period: to

    Carnival-linked theatre

    Theatre linked to carnival and different theatre performances throughout the year
  • Covid-19

    The carnival contest was not held for covid-19