Great Slave Auction

  • How did slavery start

    Slavery in America began when the first African slaves were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619, to aid in the production of crops as tobacco.
  • Period: to

    slave history

  • the chinese

    February 19, 1624: The King of Portugal forbids the enslavement of Chinese of either sex.
  • 1st people to abolish slavery

    1652: Slavery abolished in Providence Plantations.
  • two states think smart

    1777: Slavery abolished in Madeira, Portugal
    and Vermont Republic
  • 1

    Russia abolishes slavery in Crimean Khanate
    Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court rules slavery illegal based on 1780 state constitution. All slaves are immediately freed.
    Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor issued an order abolishing slavery in Bukovina on 19 June 1783 in Czernowitz[20]
    New Hampshire begins a gradual abolition of slavery.
  • cottin grin

    The invention of the cotton gin in 1793 solidified the central importance of slavery to the South's economy.
  • the slave seller

    The slave seller came to talk to Master Butler about the slaves sold that day and tried to talk to him about selling Emma
  • before

    On the first day of the auction, the slaves were brought to a long room called the "Grand Stand." Pierce Butler walked among his people, speaking to them and shaking the hands of his favorite servants. Fierce rains kept many of the potential buyers away and the auction began two hours late.
  • first sold/ weeping time

    The first sold were George and Sue, along with their two boys, George and Harry, for $600 each. Eventually, all 436 people were purchased away from friends and family, and from the only home they had known. All of their hearts broke with the knowledge that they would never see each other again. For many of them, "The Weeping Time" would last a lifetime.
  • the slaves point of veiw

    The sale had been advertised for several weeks. Every hotel in Savannah was filled with potential buyers. In the days before the auction, potential buyers went to the racetrack to look over the people for sale. The slaves were humiliated when the buyers pulled open their mouths to see their teeth and they pinched their arms and legs to check for muscle strength. The slaves said nothing, unless they hoped to be bought by the person examining them. They knew they were to be sold in families, but "
  • Period: to

    slave auction

  • the slave auction starts

    On that day Master Pierce Butler sold over 200 slaves on this day.
  • emma

    Emma is a slave that was sold away.... but he did not want to because he took care of his kides. he was given alot of money for her. Due to him being in a great deal of det he sold away the only girl that can get his girls to go to sleep