Narrow gauge locomotive highsmith

Great 1800s inventions

  • The nautilus (submarine)

    The nautilus (submarine)
  • the steam locomotive

    the steam locomotive
  • The reaping machine (moissonneuse)

    The reaping machine (moissonneuse)
  • Wrench (clé à molette)

    Wrench (clé à molette)
  • Photography

    by Nicéphore Nièpce
  • the sewing machine (machine à coudre)

    the sewing machine (machine à coudre)
  • The dishwasher (lave-vaisselle)

    The dishwasher (lave-vaisselle)
  • the machine gun (mitraillette)

    the machine gun (mitraillette)
  • The phone

    The phone
  • The incandescent lightbulb

    The incandescent lightbulb
    by Thomas Edison
  • the first vaccine

    the first vaccine
    by Pasteur
  • the cinema

    the cinema
    by the Lumière brothers