Graham Frindle

Timeline created by grahamvcs
  • 3 Grade tropical island

    3 Grade tropical island
    Nick makes the 3 grade class room a tropical island and teachering the hula.
  • 4 Grade blackbird peep

    4 Grade blackbird peep
    Nick read a book about blackbirds and stared peeping like a black bird.
  • 5 grade the report

    5 grade the report
    Nick makes a repot about dogs but it is a time waster but mrs.granger can tell what it is.
  • Frindle is Made

    Frindle is Made
    Nick gets pen and names it frindle he gets his friends to say it.
  • Word War

    Word War
    nick gets everone to say frindle and who says it have to go in detention but the school and parints are mad.
  • Nick Signs the Envlope

    Nick Signs the Envlope
    Mrs.granger acks Nick stay afther school and akcs him to sign a envlope he will get it afther the war.
  • Nick in The News

    Nick in The News
    judy mogan went to nicks house and asks questions and put nick in the newspaper and the tv news.
  • 7 grade caferia

    Nick wants to make the cafutireu better food to make it better and in gets better.
  • nick college

    nick is going to college now and is amost 21.
  • nick is 21

    nick truned 21 is a junior in college
  • nick famose

    mrs.granger sinds nick a dictionary and nick word is in it
  • Period: to