Grading the news

  • Associated Press Founded

    Associated Press Founded
    5 NYC newspapers combined to form the company.
  • Deseret News Founded

    Deseret News Founded
    Founded by the LDS Church to promote common ideas.
  • Reuters Founded

    Reuters Founded
    Founded by a German Immigrant Paul Reuters, opened a office in London.
  • New York Times

    New York Times
    Founded by Henery Jarvis Raymond
  • Washington Post Founded

    Washington Post Founded
    Founder Stilson Hutchins
  • CNN Founded

    CNN Founded
    Founded by Media Mogul Ted Turner
  • Salon Founded

    Salon Founded
    Founded by Dave Talbot, considered to be one of the early pioneers in online journalism.
  • Fox News Founded

    Fox News Founded
    Founded by Rupert Murdoch
  • Huffington post

    Huffington post
    Designed as a blog site it is now one of the largest online media companies.
  • Buzz Feed Founded

    Buzz Feed Founded
    Founded by Jonah Peretti after co-founding The Huffington Post.
  • The Blaze Founded

    The Blaze Founded
    Founded by popular on TV anchor Glenn Beck