Grace Holden-Katz's timeline

  • Period: to

    13 Colonies Timeline

  • Jamestown was established

    Jamestown was established
    Virgina company, House of Burgess, John Smith, tobacco
  • Virginia

    The name Virginia was first applied by Sir Walter Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth 1st because she was never married and she was known to be a virgin
  • Hudson explores Hudson River

  • Plymouth Rock

    Plymouth Rock
    Puritians, Williams Bradford (Gov.) Pilgrams, here to build Godly City
  • 1st Thanksgiving

  • Massachusetts Bay Colony

    Great Migration, John Winthmore, Puritans, religion by old testiment
  • Maryland

    Founded by Cecil Calvert also known as Lord Baltimore, and it was named after mother Mary
  • Connecticut

    Founded by Thomas Hooker, Fundamental Orders was established there "The people ran the Goverment, the Goverment did not run the people"
  • Rhoda Island

    Roger Williams was founder, 1st baptish chruch was made there and the 1st act of religious toleration
  • Harvard College Founded

  • Delaware

    Founded by swedish colonists, then in 1664 was taken over by the english
  • Carolina

    Named after king Charles the 2nd, French huguenots settled there
  • New Jersey

    New Jersey
    George Carteret, John Berkley was given New Jersey by the king of York
  • New York

    New York
    The kind duke of York stole it from the dutch
  • LaSalle explores Mississippi River

  • Pennsylvania

    Founded by William Penn, Imoistly Quackers settled there, scot-irsh were also in the westeren part of Pennsylvania
  • Church of England worship established in Boston

  • Begining of King Williams War

  • Ending of King Williams War

  • Begining of Queen Anne's war

  • Benjamin Franklin was born

  • End of Queen Anne's War

  • Thomas Jefferson was born

  • Begining of King George's War

  • Ending of King George's War

  • Begining of French and Indian War

  • Endding of French and Indian War

  • Begining of the Revolutionary Age

  • Georgia

    Founded by James Oglethorpe, a military base was there, english debtors came there to work off their debt
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party