Gottfried Leibiniz

  • Gottfried Lebiniz

    Gottfried Lebiniz is a german mathematician and philosopher. Gottfried developed Calculus in the 17th and 18th century. Calculus is a world wide type of math. People use Calculus to help solve problems, helps with forecasts and predictions, and jobs that have buliding and math.
  • The White House

    In 1793 the White house was built. The archetect, James Hoban, designed the White House using Calculus and mathematics to make it most efficient.
  • Empire State Building

    The empire state building was designed by William F Lamb. He used calculus and mathematics to see how high the tower could go and still be stable
  • Greg Lynn

    Greg Lynn used Calculus to design the Presbyterian church in New York. He used calculus to try and enclose the space in the best possible way. He used calculus to find a plan and keep trying to make it better until he found the best and most efficient way to enclose the space.