Goldie Locks Prosecution

  • goldilocks in 3rd grade

    coped off my daughters quizzes
  • goldilocks in jr. high

    goldilocks prank called all the parents of her friends
  • mr. goldilocks death

    after his death his widow reallt tightened everything up around and posted signs about how to not forage or woodcut.
  • got my massage chair for birthdday

  • had rare argument with papa bear brown

    He told me that I spend to much time in the chair and that he should have spent his money on somthing different
  • wilderness survival class

    goldilocks got an A in the wilderness survival class when the grades accidentally were sent to me. she exceled at gathering edible roots, nuts ,and berries.
  • Babee goes to school with Goldie Locks

    goldilocks asks about breaking and entering in criminology class, bell rings before teacher answers it
  • bab-ee is sick so he doesnt hear the answer

  • Giuseppe Gossip tells bab-ee that goldilocks asked about it because of previously breaking into someones house

  • dad says he will fix the electrical circut in bab-ee's room

  • dad says he fixed the electrical circut

    because of this, bab-ee's phone is dead
  • day of break in and robbery

  • mom made porridge

    too hot to eat right out of the bowl
  • hottest day of summer

  • bab-ee bear-brown takes a walk with parents

    couldnt text friends while walking, annoyed with parents
  • bab-ee and family return from their walk

    bab-ee returns ahead of parents
  • bab-ee goes around to the back door

    bab-ee forgot his key so he goes around to back door, things didnt look right, the screen part of the screen door had been punched in, the metal had separated from the wood, there was a rock that had the same scratch marks that the screen mesh would make if some one bashed it in
  • the lock didnt look right

    the wood looked like someone used a chisel on it to pry it open, the door was loosely latched, it came open with a little push
  • bab-ee gets mad and throws the rock in the woods

    mad because dad would ake him go to sprawl mart to bye a new screen with him
  • the porridge is gone

    bab-ee doesnt notice the chair but noticed the porridge right away, he had nothing to eat, mom told him about the chair later
  • walking

    walking to the bear-browns house
  • half an hour before walking

    saw a blonde girl walking on a trail across the meadow who looked lkike goldilocks
  • weather

    oppressivly hot, humid summer day with not a breath of air moving
  • walking by the berenstiens house (special)*

    hear mother bear-brown screaming that a "blonde girl has broken our door. she entered into our house, without our permission, and damaged our property.
  • Day of Robbery

  • I made porridge

  • Found Goldilocks sleeping in the bed

  • Found chair ruined

  • We went for a family walk

  • Doors were locked

  • went online and printed out receipt for $5000 chair

  • the case date

    the case happens today
  • Signed and sworn this statement under penelty of law