Golden Book of The Civil War

By Macz
  • Abraham Lincoln Is Elected President

  • Period: to

    6 States Secede

    South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana Secede From The Union.
  • Kansas Is Admitted To The Union

  • Abraham Lincoln is Inagurated

  • The Confederacy Calls For 100,000 Volunteers

  • Confederates Fire on Fort Sumter

    The Confederacy Fire Upon One of The Only Garrisons Inside of The Confederate States
  • Lincoln Calls For 75,000 Volunteers

    Abraham Calls For 75,000 ninety-day volunteers.
  • Robert E. Lee Resigns From U.S. Army

  • Arkansas Secedes From The Union

  • Confederate Congress Authorizes Recruiting of 400,000 Men

  • North Carolina Secedes

  • Robert E. Lee Takes Command of The Confederate Forces

  • Lincoln Calls For 300,000 Troops

  • Joseph E. Johnston Takes Command of The Confederate Army of The Tennessee

  • Richard Sherman Starts An Invasion of The Carolinas

  • Civil War Ends: The Union is Victorious