Golden Age of Microbiology

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    Golden Age of Microbiology

  • Debunking of Spontaneous generation

    Debunking of Spontaneous generation
    Pasteur debunked the idea of spontaneous generation
  • Gonorrhea is identified

    Neisser identifies the gonorrhea pathogen
  • Cholera is identified

    Koch identifies the cholera pathogen
  • Diphtheria is identified

    Loeffler identifies diphtheria
  • Tetanus is identified

    Nicolaier identifies tetanus
  • Invention of the petri dish

    Invention of the petri dish
    Julius Robert Petri made the petri dish
  • Meningitis is identified (Weichselbaun 1887

    Weichselbaun identifies the meningitis pathogen
  • Robert Koch Makes Postulates

    Robert Koch Makes Postulates
    Koch's Postulates were created
  • The bubonic plague is identified

    The bubonic plague is identified
    Yersin identifies the pathogen behihnd the bubonic plague
  • Syphilis is identified

    Syphilis is identified
    Schaudinn and Hoffman identify syphilis