gold rush - NOAH

  • traces of gold

    william branwhite clarke discovers traces of gold
  • begging of the gold rush

    The very first payable gold was discovered in ophir. This was the start to the great gold rush.
  • rebels

    The gold miners begin to rebel at eureka in victoria in protest of the conditions imposed by the miners licence
  • British permission

    The britsh secretary of state gives permission for the establishment for the sydney mint. This was the first royale mint to be established outside of england
  • more gold

    more gold had been found in queens land in a place called rockhamptom.
  • The welcome stranger nugget

    The welcome stranger nugget was found at this time and was discovered by John deason and Richard oates
  • 1870s

    rich gold deposits hd been found in north queens land
    The very first gold found in SA birdwood
  • worlds largest...

    The worlds largest peice of gold was found this was named the holterman nugget. This was a mixture of slate and gold that weighed about 235kg wich was found by william holtermann