Gold Rush

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    Gold Rush

    gold rush is when many people around the world came to get an easy life and get rich easier
  • convicts find gold

    1814 - Some convicts who were employed cutting a road to Bathurst were rumoured to have found a quantity of gold.
  • australias population

    In the late 1880s through to the mid 1890s, there were discoveries of rich goldfields in Western Australia which caused more gold rushes. Australia's population grew from 400,000 to over 1,000,000 during 1845 to 1896 as a consequence of gold discoveries.
  • first gold rush in australia

    The first gold rush in Australia started in 1851 when prospector Edward Hargraves claimed the discovery of payable gold near Bathurst, New South Wales, at a site Edward Hargraves called Ophir. Eight months later, gold was found in Ballarat and Bendigo in Victoria causing large influxes of prospectors.
  • eureka stockade

    Between 1851 and 1854 tension was building on the goldfields. Clashes between the miners and the authorities became more frequent with significant discontent brewing over the injustice of the goldfield licensing system and police corruption.
  • western australia has gold

    1893 - Paddy Hannan and two companions discovered gold, leading to establishment of Western Australia's eastern goldfields in what is now the twin towns of Kalgoorlie and Boulder.