Going Back in Time in Rhode Island

  • Rhode Island is Established

    Rhode Island is Established
    Roger Williams establishes Rhode Island.
  • Becoming a State

    Becoming a State
    Rhode Island becomes the thirteenth state to ratify the U.S Constitution.
  • The First Mechanized Textile Mill

    The First Mechanized Textile Mill
    In Rhode Island, Samuel Slater opens the first Mechanized Textile Mill ever to be built.
  • Changing The Law

    Changing The Law
    The Law is changed so that immigrants can vote in statewide elections without owning any property.
  • Regaining Land!

    Regaining Land!
    The Narragansett Indians regain their Land.
  • Winning a Lawsuit

    Winning a Lawsuit
    Rhode Island becomes the first stae to win a lawsuit against companies that made dangerous led paint.