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Go Ask Alice - A Real Diary

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    Go Ask Alice

  • Moving Day

    Moving Day
    Alice's dad was offered a new teaching position at a different college. This meant that the family had to pack their belongings and set forth to a new home, at the start of the new year. Alice was ready to start a new life at a new school. This cheers Alice up, and she asks her diary to help her stay attentive in her mission to remake herself by losing weight. Hoping that a boy at her school will finally ask her out. (Roger)
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    Go Ask Alice

  • Eating Habits

    Eating Habits
    Alice's mother has taken quite the noticeing of Alice's irregular eating habits and is pretty much forcing Alice to eat. She resents her mother, and disobeys her instructions then wonders if she could make herself throw up after eating. Alice writes in her diary that she is only most like herself when she is writing in her diary. She claims she doesn't feel like she fits in when she's with her friends.
  • Christmas Party

    Christmas Party
    Alice asks her mother for help, sewing a dress together for a Christmas party to which she's been invited. Alice hoped to be like her mother some day and wondered if her mother ever struggled with the same romantic and identity issues when she was young. She wishes she could talk to her mother about this, since she doesn't trust what her friends tell her. After the party, a boy drives Alice home, and they kissed. Alice still remained the negative self she was.
  • Fear Of Adjusting

    Fear Of Adjusting
    Alice admits to her diary her fears of not adjusting to life in a new place, but when the family arives, after settling in a little bit more, Alice changes her mind about the house and finds it beautiful. She begins to get worried about school, that started today. Meanwhile, her younger brother, Tim, and younger sister, Alexandria, have both already met friends in the neighborhood.
  • Meeting Greta

    Meeting Greta
    Alice finally, as school progesses, met a new friend named Greta. She seems to be just as much of an awkward, unattractive person as Alice see's herself to be. There is only one problem, Alice believes that her family is ashamed of Alice and Greta's relationship. This situation makes Alic feel like more of a social outcast.
  • A Jewish Girl

    A Jewish Girl
    Alice meets Beth, a Jewish girl down the street from her new house. Alice is curious about her religion but finds that the two are more similar than she'd thought. Nevertheless, her parents approve of Beth. Alice seems to think that she can talk about anything with Beth, even Judaism but she starts to regrets not knowing much about her own religion. With being school over, Beth invited Alice to go on a double date with 2 Jewish boys.
  • Bye Bye Beth

    Bye Bye Beth
    After being devastated when Beth had to leave for a Jewish summer camp, Alice stayed at her grandmothers for a little while. When in town with her grandfather, Alice runs into Jill, an old friend. Jill was always more popular the Alice ever was. Jill was having a party the next day, immediatly inviting Alice to the party, she happily accepts.
  • Never Again

    Never Again
    Alice attends Jill's party, and felt completely comfortable around her friends. Jill requested that they play a game. The game involves, unbeknownst to Alice, and randomly dropping the hallucinogenic drug "LSD" in several people's soda bottles. Alice turns out to be one of the victims, and experiences a very ecstatic, uninhibited drug trip. After finding out what had happened, Alice was happy about the experience but vows never to do drugs again.
  • Curious Alice

    Curious Alice
    Alice began to punish herself, not physically, but emotionally for taking the LSD. Realizing this was not her fault for taking this illegal substance, she remembers how happy she was on it, and how much she wished she could feel it again. Alice decided to ask Jill to get her some marijuana to try for the first time. As Alice set off to the library to research drugs, she ran into the guy who helped her the night she got drugged, Bill, who asked her out on a date.
  • A New, Better Person?

    A New, Better Person?
    When Alice and Bill were out on a date, Alice got more into drugs then she was expecting. Bill made her try injecting speed into her arm. She felt completely free and as if she were a new, better person.
  • Feeling Selfish

    Feeling Selfish
    Alice's grandfather experience a small heart attack. After pondering her grandfather's near death experience, she decides she would like to stay with her grandparents to help out, knowing if she left, there would be no imediate access to drugs. Alice stayed in and helped her grandfather, nevertheless, Alice gets sucked in again and goes to another party, where she experienced acid for the second time.
  • Old Love Never Dies

    Old Love Never Dies
    Roger (Alice's ex-lover), shows up unexpectedly with his family to visit Alice's sick grandfather. Alice immediately remains in the same position as when she left her old home, still in love with Roger. She wondered if he would judge her for all the things she has done since then. Doing drugs, loosing her virginity while on drugs, not something Roger would want to know, he would never forgive her. Roger asks Alice out, but she stays quiet until she can figure out her guilty feelings.
  • Change For The Good

    Change For The Good
    Beth returned from camp, Alice starts to realize that Beth has changed, and now has a controlling Jewish boyfriend. Having no one to hangout with now that Alice is back at home, wanting to start over, with no illegal and bad substances. Her parents dissaprove of her straightened hair, and have and emotional talk with Alice telling her they are worried about her. Alice resents her parents even more, and ignores their "serious talk".
  • Pop A "Benny"

    Pop A "Benny"
    Alice met a girl named Chris who worked at a corner store. She began to hang around Chris a lot more, and realized they have a lot in common. Alice told Chris that she was feeling very down, and wanted a boost when shes feeling tired or hungry. Chris gives Alice a "Benny" (a speed-pill), for whenever she feels she needs one. Chris also got Alice a job at her store, working together a few times a week. Her parents still remain curious about Alice, and why she is loosing weight all of a sudden.
  • College Boys

    College Boys
    Chris, Alice's new friend, introduces Richie and Ted (college boys), to Alice. Richie and Alice began to hangout, and develop something for one another. Richie got Alice and Chris into selling marijuana to make more money for drugs. Alice starts to devote all her spare time to Richie, and getting high. She even writes in her diary that she wishes to experience sex sobor with Richie. Alice tried to convince Richie that selling acid would be safer, but he has his mind set on medical school.