Glass - Ellen Hopkins - Fiction - 681 pages

  • Pages 1-44

    Between these pages it talks about how Kristina has depression but she is moving schools because her ex boyfriend went to the school she was going to and it just made her more down. And it also talks about how she is addicted to Meth and Marijuana.
  • pages 44-139

    Between these pages Kristina moves to her new school but she has no friends. Then she once again goes back to doing drugs which she thinks helps her but it really doesnt help her. But she just sits there and draws and keeps doing drugs.
  • Pages 140-204

    In these pages it gets pretty intence because she has be doing so much meth and crack cocaine that she thinks she has a monster built in side of her and she thinks that she is killing her insides.
  • Pages 204- 284

    Between these pages she meets a new guy named hunter and she starts hanging out with him and all of his friends. and she is slowly trying to stop doing meth and cocaine.
  • Pages 284-327

    Through out these pages she also talks to a new friend named Kevin. They start hanging out more and Kevin decides to take Kristina out to eat, and she is trying more hard to stop doing drugs.