Girl Stolen, Gerardo De Jesus

  • The day she was kidnapped

    The day she was kidnapped
    Cheyane was in the car alone with the car turned on and she was curled up with a blanket over her in the backseat. They ( Danielle, her stepmom) were at the phrmacy where she begged for the car to stay on so the heater would stay on. Danielle agreed and she left. The door opened and it all seemed wrong everything she heard was different, the car was being stolen, and then she heard a guy swear then she said "who the hell are you" then she realized she as being kidnapped, the thing is shes blind.
  • Griffin threatenes Cheyenne

    Griffin threatenes Cheyenne
    When Giffin is in the car he sees that Cheyenne is in the back and freeks out, she starts to attack him ang Griffin panics, so he grabs the lihter and puts it next to her face and says that its a gun and that he'll shoot.
  • Period: to

    A Thousand wrong

  • She was on her way to Griffin's house

    Griffin didnt know she was blind all he knows is that she is scared screaming and stuck with him. He took her to his house, she figured out that his name is Griffin, and there was Griffins dad Roy he demanded her purse. They new her name now.
  • They meet TJ and Jimbo

    They meet TJ and Jimbo
    TJ and Jimbo are workers of roy ( Griffin's dad). Jimbo is a siko and so is TJ.
  • Her dad is the president of Nike

    Her dad is the president of Nike
    It got to the press, they had a missing person, Cheyenne Widdler, they described her, described the vehicle and then said that it was the daughter of the president of Nike. Then it gave an idea to Roy, he could hold her ransom.
  • Roy finds cane and burns it

    Roy finds cane and burns it
    Roy finds the cane in the car goes inside and burs it but it didnt melt, well it melted the handle but thats it.
  • Cheyenne tries to escape

    Cheyenne sees a chance to getaway so she takes it. She is in the bathroom for a long time and Griffin starts to suspect so he knocks and no answer, she was in the bath, hoping that he doesnt notice her so he could go and try to find her and she would have more time.
  • Cheyennes second try

    So its 2 in the morning and Cheyenne wakes up so she can try again and Griffin is in the room asleep. She searches for a weapon, finds a wrench. She hits Griffin in the head and thinks she killed him.
  • Only a couple of houres

    She goes outside, grabs some stiks and finds Griffin's dog goes and tries to use him like Fantom. He gets away so she cant use him. She works her ways to the woods and she just keeps going.
  • Griffin wakes up

    Griffin wakes up withblood on his pillow and a huge bump on his head. Looks for Cheyenne and realizes shes gone, he goes on the run to find her. He finds her hiding in a bush, he says that he was going to help her escape later. They keep going and Griffin brakes his ankle and has to stay there in the snow so he points Ceyenne in the right direction.
  • TJ shoots Jimbo

    TJ and Jimbo find Griffin. Griffin makes up a story of why he is there and they kinda belive it. Jimbo calls TJ stupid and he gets mad and he shoots him and then runs away.
  • Cheyenne fights for her life

    Cheyenne gets to the road and looks like there is a cop so she runs and he takes her to his patroll car and calls someone, but when she's there she realizes that she smells a familliar smell and its cigaretts she thinks its Roy and it is. Cheyenne shoots him with a gun that she found on the backseat and then she locks him out and drives slowly away,Tries to brake the window She runs over his legs and the cops come and now shes safe. Gets back with her familly and is happy