Girasperre Timeline

By Annio
  • 92 BCE

    The Gold Dragon of Girasperre

    The Gold Dragon of Girasperre attempted to devour the Cosmic Egg and was thwarted by the wolf Ottavia. In doing so, Ottavia sacrificed her life, but was revived by the stars as an immortal when they poured the yolk of the moon past her lips. She then united the wolves of the world. As the shell of the Cosmic Egg was damaged, yolk that leaked mingled with the air and became birds. Yolk that fell to earth and mingled with the blood of the dragon among the roots of a poplar became serpents.
  • 1 CE


    The goddess Argenta sent her messengers to place a Miraculous cord in the "throat" of all the peoples of Girasperre. This granted them the gift of Allspeech, enabling communication between them.
  • Rise of the Crize Empire and The Pact of Five Beasts

    The first Empress established the pact of five beasts and unifies Crize.
  • Founding of Corrisole

    Refugees from the river Filogoie establish a large fishing settlement in the middle of a lagoon (which will grow into a great city).
  • The Red Dragon of Verdume

    A red dragon devastates Verdume and decimates much of the world's military power until becoming trapped in its den in the Invernal Gates.
  • The Miraculous Purges begin, the Dagomarie end

    Genocide against Miracolae is initiated, first in Verdume, then in Crize and Saffrasse. The Dagomarie in Reitana are usurped and slaughtered and the wolves of Verdume break ties with the Circle of Lords.
  • Collapse of the Crize Empire and Theft of the rain

    Luciano steals the rain from Crize, turning it into The Gray Wastes. The empire collapses as the land becomes uninhabitable and the people flee South. Luciano takes up the title, Emperor of Thieves.
  • The Green Dragon of Baigialla

    Corrisolans trick the Scoglianese invaders into retreating with an enormous dragon kite.
  • The Kingdom of Verdume dissolves and Montombra is founded

    The Circle of Lords dissolve and Verdume fractures into city-states. The wolves of Verdume establish their own territory in the North called Montombra.
  • Death of The Emperor of Thieves and Liberation of The Court of Dreams

    Allegra slays her brother, Luciano, The Emperor of Thieves. Rain returns to The Gray Wastes and the Primaverans are liberated from the Court of Dreams.