• British Take Over

    British Take Over
    the British government took control of the Gold Coast's possessions from a private African company of merchants.
  • Signed an agreement w./ British

    Signed an agreement w./ British
    the Fanti (the most numerous of the coastal people) rulers signed an agreement with the British that became the legal stepping stone to colonial status for the coastal area
  • Became Colony

    Became Colony
    British Gold Coast Crown colony
  • British annexed

    British annexed
    the British annexed Ashanti and Northern territories.
  • Founding of UGCC

    Founding of UGCC
    Joseph Danquah and other leading nationalists founded the United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC)
  • CPP

    the Convention People's Party (CPP), led by Nkrumah organized workers and farmers for the first time in a mass movement for independent and staged strikes.
  • Another constitution was approved

    Another constitution was approved
    Another constitution was approved on April 29, 1954, establishing a cabinet comprised of African ministers that were drawn from an all-African legislature chosen by direct election
  • New constitution was introduced

    New constitution was introduced
    A new constitution was introduced by Nkrumah's government to provide direct election by universal suffrage in 1954.
  • Independce proposal

    Independce proposal
    Prime Minister Nkrumah's Gold Coast government issued a white paper containing proposals for Gold Coast independence
  • Achived Independent

    Achived Independent
    The Gold Coast achieved independence from the United Kingdom's colonial rule in 1957