georgia timeline

  • Headright system

    Headright system
    This is a system used to distribute land.The man would start with 200 acres. He got 50+ acres for every family member and 50+ for every slave counting up to 10 slaves, and can only have up to 1000 acres of land in all.
  • University of Georgia

    University of Georgia
    First land grant university and public. It was meant to educate all white men wealthy or poor. This helped the growth of Georgia by bringing more people.
  • Louisville

    Loiusville was Georgia`s third capital city. It helped in economic growth by bringing people to farm tobacoo and cotton.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    This invention effected Georgia very much. It was a very useful machine that would seperate the cotton from its seeds. This brought more land owners more wealth and more slaves.
  • Yazoo Land Fraud

    Yazoo Land Fraud
    The Yazoo Land Fraud was one of the worst political scandals ever. The companies bribed the General Assembly to but the land for very cheap prices then turn around and sell it for even more.
  • Land Lottery

    Land Lottery
    Different companies owned different parts of Georgia which then they divided the land evenly and put names in one bucket and numbers in the other and randomly drew. who ever got land was lucky. This effected Georgia because it was by pure luck.
  • Railroads

    Railroads in my opinion had the largest impact on georgia. Atlantas first name was terminus becuase most railroads ended right in Atlanta. This allowed people from all over to come right to Atlanta and be offered a job. This helped by making the city lots of money.
  • Baptist/Methodist

    These were the two largest church denominations in Georgia after the American Revolution. By having the camps as a Methodist it made people want to stay. As a Baptist it combined the different types of Baptists into a convention, which began to make people want to move into the area.