George Washington's Socks

By LGC07
  • Matt finds the Hessians

    The Hessians capture Matt, Tony, and Hooter. The Indians ran away because the Hessians were too scary for them.
  • Matt wakes up

    Matt had fallen asleep in the snow until a nice man named Nathan Hornbee finds him. Mr. Hornbee took Matt's hand and lead Matt to his horse, Bess. All of the sudden, Matt remembers that his friend Israel was sleeping beside him in the snow. Matt says "Mr. Hornbee please help my friend Israel!" Mr. Hornbee says that it is too late to help him. Then they head to Mr. Hornbee's house.
  • Matt in Mr. Hornbee's house

    Matt finds himsef in Mr. Hornbee's house.
  • The Hessians search Q

    They find a dollar bill. The Hessians think that Q is a rebel because of the George Washington photo on the dollar.
  • Matt goes into the woods

    Matt goes into the woods to find his friends and his sister. Blackjack, the mule, leads him.
  • Matt finds Tony and Hooter

    They are with two Indians.
  • Matt looks for Katie and Q

    Along with Tony, Hooter, and the two Indians.
  • The Hessians find gum.

    The Hessians look in Q's pockets. They find gum. One solider trys it, then he swallows it.
  • Matt tries to save Katie and Q

    Matt, Tony, and Hooter run and take the Hessians' guns. But the Hessians point their swords at them, so Matt and his team surrender.
  • Katie sees Matt

    Katie sees Matt in the trees, and almost says 'Matt!' But Matt puts his finger up to his mouth and makes a 'shush' sign. Katie then pretends he is not there, so the Hessians don't see Matt.
  • Period: to

    George Washington's Sock's pgs.82-125