George Washington Carver

  • Birth

    "Carver was born at some point in 1864 (some sources say 1861) on the Carver farm in Diamond Grave, Missouri." ("George Washington Carver" ABC-Clio)
  • Period: to

    George Washington Carver

  • Abolishment of Slavery

    Abolishment of Slavery
    "When slavery was abolished in 1865, the Carvers legally adopted the boy and and gave him theeir last name" ("George Washington Carver" ABC-Clio).
  • Iowa State University

    Iowa State University
    "Carver transferred to Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanics (now Iowa State University) in 1891 ... and erned a bachelor's degree from the schoool in 1894" ("George Washington Carver" ABC-Clio).
  • Carver reveals his experiments

    Carver reveals his experiments
    "Carver reveals his experiments to the public, and increasing numbers of the South's farmers began to turn to penuts, sweet potatoes, and their derivatives for income" ("Carver, George Washington").
  • "The Peanut Guy"

    "The Peanut Guy"
    "The truth is, he did not invent peanut butter; it had existed in many cultures for centuries - neither did he create 300 new products from peanuts" (USA Today 4).
  • Carver speaks to committee

    Carver speaks to committee
    "In 1921, Congress' Ways and Means Committee asked Carver to help ... Carver spoke for his allotted 10 minutes, but the committee members urged him to continue" ("George Washington Carver" ABC-Clio).
  • Carver's patents

    Carver's patents
    "Despite the huge number of discoveries he made, Carver only had two patents to his name - two for paints and stains (1925) and one for cosmetics (1927)" ("George Washington Carver" ABC-Clio).
  • Carver recieves medal

    Carver recieves medal
    "In 1939, Carver recieved the Roosevelt Medal for saving Southern agriculture" ("George Washington Carver" ABC-Clio).
  • George Washington Carver Foundation

    George Washington Carver Foundation
    "In 1940, he donated his $30,000 in savings to establish the George Washington Carver Foundation" ("George Washington Carver" ABC-Clio).
  • Death

    "Carver died of anemia at Tuskegee Institute on January 5, 1943. He was never married" ("George Washington Carver" ABC-Clio).
  • Symbol #1

    Symbol #1
    The pen represents learning, knowledge, and the creation of destinies. When carver was a little boy he had a keen interest in plants and animals. Carver was the first black student at Simpson College.
  • Symbol #2

    Symbol #2
    A dog symbolizes intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. Carver earned his master's degree in agriculture and bacterial botonay in 1897. Carver turned down offers to work for Thomas Edison and Henry Ford for as much as $100,000 a year so he could stay at Tuskegee.
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