George Lucas

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  • George Lucas born in Modesto, Ca.

    George Lucas, whose full name is George Walton Lucas Jr., was born on may 14, 1944, in Modesto, Ca to George Lucas Sr. and Dorothy Lucas. He was reared in Modesto, along with his two sisters.
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    George Lucas, after founding companies to handle the special audio and visual effects of a series of blockbuster movies, turned his attention to philanthropical efforts in education, health and children.
  • Founds Lucasfilm Limited

    Founds Lucasfilm Limited
    Lucas founds Lucasfilm Limited as a private company and releases a remake of his college film, THX 1138.
    Lucas Film Company - Online
  • Releases American Grafitti

    In 1973, Lucas releases his second low budget film, American Grafitti. According to Lucasfilm, "American Graffiti is the first film to tell multiple stories through narratives backed by a soundtrack of music." It goes on to receive five Oscar nominations.
  • Industrial Light and Magic

    In 1975 George Lucas founds Industrial Light and Magic, a visual effects company that works exclusively with movies.
  • Star Wars is released

    In 1977, George Lucas releases the first Star Wars movie. Star Wars movies becomes a international hit. Star Wars broke every box office records
  • The second Star Wars is released

  • Lucas and Spielberg create Indiana Jones

  • Lucas and Spielberg create E.T.

    E.T. the extraterrestrial, was a blockbluster movie and resulted in both an Academy Award and an Oscar.
  • Lucas invents THX

    The THX system of sound transformed audio quality in movies.
  • Founds Edutopia

    Founds Edutopia through the George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF). Edutopia was concieved by Lucas to insire children to learn through providing access to high end technology. Lucas felt that although there have been significant progress in technology, the educational system has been slow to adapt to techology. The theory behind Edutopia is that school should be fun because it is project-based education.
  • Raises 500K for the Koret House

    The Koret House provides free temporary housing for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families during treatment at the University of California, San Francisco Children's Hospital. After the birth of his daughter, George Lucas became interested in children's charities.
  • Gives $1 million to Martin Luther King memorial in Washington

    Lucas not only donates one million dollars, but hosts a dinner to raise more funds for the memorial.
  • Gives $175 to USC film school

    George makes a $175 million donation to the University of Southern California's Film School for a new state-of-the-art, fully digitized building.Donation to USC
  • Other Charites supported by Lucas

    Artists for a New South Africa BID 2 BEAT AIDS Film Foundation Racing for kids Read more:
  • Donates half of his fortune to various charities

    George Lucas, along with 40 other billionares, agree to give half of their wealth away.