George Halas

  • George Halas was born

    George Halas was born
    February 2, 1895 he was born in Chicago,Illinois.
  • Period: to

    George halas

  • Halas Coaches the Chicago Staley

    Halas Coaches the Chicago Staley
    Halas in early 1920 received a call from the Staley Starch Works to coach their football team he accepted their offer. This shows staffing because this shows how he got his team and why.
  • Halas holds daily practices

    PLANNING George halas hold daily practice sessions to the better so they could reach their goal of winning championships.
  • Halas plays along team

    Halas plays along team
    he also played various positions with the team, until finally retiring as a player after the 1929 season
    It show techinical because he has experience on how to play postions.
  • Broadcasting games

    SPOKEPERSON to have his team's games broadcast on radio
    He transmit information to outside through radio
  • Studing the opponents

    Halas was first in many ways: to utilize films of opponents' games for study,
    It show conceptional because it shows that help the team study their opponents
  • signing Red Grange

    In the mid-1920's, Halas signed young, phenomenal running back Red Grange from his Alma Mater Illinois
    Figurehead help signing legal document
  • Perfecting the T postition

    Perfecting the T postition
    George Halas practice help perfect the T position in the late 30’s.
    Its a good example of leading it help guide the team to victory in many of their games.
  • Retool

    Disturbance handler-Halas' 1933 team won another world championship, dominating the league at this time, and by the end of the decade was forced to retool again.
  • George Halas helps take care of Brian Piccolo's family

    Human skill
    After piccolo's death he helped raise his family by sent him some money. This might been the only time he showd human skill.
  • George Halas Jr. convince Halas to hire Fink

    In 1975, his son Mugs did the unthinkable, convincing his father to hire General Manager Jim Finks to control all day-to-day operations of the club.
    This show controlling because this move provided modest success as the Bears made the playoffs for the first time since 1963 in 1977 and to corrective action to reach goals
  • Halas forces Armstrong to hires Jim Dooley

    the 86-year old patriarch of the team began attending practices, and even forced Armstrong to hire Dooley as an assistant, so Dooley could give Halas secret updates on what was going on with the team
    This shows organizing because he gave Armstrong works and granted him authority to hire Dooley.
  • George Halas death

    George Halas death
    George halas dies by cancer in Chicago Illinois.