By MDiallo
  • Armenian Genocide

    place:ottoman Empire.
    250 armenians intellectuals and community leaders
    Location Ottoman Empire
    Date 1915[note 1]
    Target Armenian population
    Attack type Deportation, mass murder
    Deaths 1.5 million[note 2]
    Perpetrators Young Turk government
    Committee of Union and Progress
  • Holodomor famine

    country:soviet Union
    Location:Ukrainian USSR
    was a mn made famine in ukraine
    Victims:2.4 to 7.5 million people
  • the holocaust

    Jews in Europe Jews in Germany Romani people (Gypsies) Poles Soviet POWs Slavs in Eastern Europe Homosexuals People with disabilities Freemasons Jehovah's Witnesses
    was done by the nazis
    had resded in Europe
  • cambonin genocide

    Since 1996, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC; Congo) has been embroiled in violence that has killed as many as 5.4 million people.
    many cambodians killed
  • Period: to


    Location Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Date 1992–1995
    Target Bosniak civiliansAttack type Mass murder, ethnic cleansing, deportation, etc.
    Deaths Genocide:[a]
    •8,373 (Srebrenica)[1]
    •116 (Žepa)[5]
    Perpetrators Army of the Republika Srpska (VRS),[1] Scorpions paramilitary group[6] Greek
    8,373 killed
  • rwandan genocide

    ocation Rwanda
    Date April 7 – July 15, 1994
    Target Tutsi population
    Attack type Genocide, mass murder
    Deaths 500,000–1,000,000[1]
    Perpetrators Hutu-led government, Interahamwe and Impuzamugambi militias
  • Darfuqan genocide

    Date February 26 2003– present[1]
    Location Darfur in Sudan
    Result Conflict going on