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Genocide in Rwanda

  • President Habyarimana's Death

    President Habyarimana's Death
    President's Death
    The plane carrying president Habyarimana was shot down and afterwards violence began almost immediately. Hutu launched a plan to destroy the entire Tutsi populations. Tutsi’s, including people that seemed like Tutsi’s, were killed in their homes. Entire families could die at one time.
  • Evacuation

    Shooting Dogs
    The French and Belgium expariates, one’s from outside of the country, were evacuated from Rwanda by the UN paratroopers. During this evacuation the troopers witnessed the massacre of children at a church in Gikondo. These troops did not stay to help the UN either. The evacuations that took place on this day were explored in a film, Shooting Dogs, that came out in 2005.
  • Church Massacre

    Church Massacre
    Ntarama Church Massacre
    The interahamwe militia attacked town people with clubs and machetes. They started going for the richer shopkeepers because even then they were very preoccupied with getting money. People soon heard gunfire and ran to the town hall, hoping for protection. The Mayor then told them no matter where they went, they would be killed.
  • Letters to the Church

    Letters to the Church
    7 Pastors
    7 Tutsi pastors that were hiding with hundreds of Tutsi's in a church wrote to the Seventh Church of Western Rwanda where Pastor Ntakirutimana was, asking them for help and protection. His response was them to prepare for death and their letter saying they would be killed tomorrow with their families. After the Genoicide this pastor was tracked down by author Philip Gourevitch in order to help bring him to justice.
  • UN

    UN Debates
    While the UN was under intense pressure from around the world, they debated whether or not to intervene and try to stop the massacres in Rwanda.
    Instead of acting to stop the genocide, they didn’t even acknowledge it as being a genocide and at this point the International Community was still yet to send troops to Rwanda to protect the civilians. General Dallaire had been ordered 3 times
  • Missing Deployment

    Missing Deployment
    Missing Deployment
    With no sign of the UN Deployment, the security council calls for the deployment of French forces known as "Operation Turquoise". This was the time when they created a "safe area" for protection that was controlled by the government. But even after the fact, killings of the Tutsi continued on.
  • The End

    The End
    Ending of Genocide
    On July 14, 1994, a week after they had taken Kigali, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) gained control of the the Hutu stronghold power in Ruhengeri, causing the Hutu’s to flee. 3 days later on July 17th, Gisenyi, the last defending area for Hutu-power forces, fell to the RPF. 100 days after the genocide had begun it was officially over and the RPF set up an interim government for Kigali.