Genocide in Rwanda

By yolo17
  • Belgians overtake Rwanda

    Belgians overtake Rwanda
    It on the year of 1918 when Belgian forces came to Africa and occupied Rwanda and later on in 1933 the Belgians decided to organize a census and make sure that evryone was issued an identity card classifying them as a Hutu, Tutsi, or a twa.
  • president killed

    president killed later on in the Genocide in Rwanda a plane with the the president Juvénal Habyarimana of Rwanda was shot down and killed by Hutus for them to take over the whole country of Rwansda and for them to take out anyone with power to stopping them.
  • politicals killed

    politicals killed on hutu extremist started killing their political opponents to try to stop anyone from confronting their mission of taking over Rwanada and trying to kill all the tutsis
  • massacre at gikondo

    massacre at gikondo .the Massacre at Gikondo, hundreds of Tutsis are killed in the Pallottine Missionary Catholic Church. Since the killers were clearly targeting only Tutsi, the Gikondo massacre was the first clear sign that a genocide was occurring.
  • massacre at roman church

    massacre at roman church Massacre at the Nyarubuye Roman Catholic Church as thousands of Tutsi are killed, first by grenades and guns and then by machetes and clubs. and eversince the assination of the president of Rwanda the hutus began a rampage on trying to enslave all tutsis and or killing them because they believed that the tutsi where going to enslave them first.
  • genocide video

  • thousands killed

    thousands killed The Kibuye Massacres. was a estimated 12,000 Tutsis are killed after sheltering at the Gatwaro stadium in Gitesi. Another 50,000 are killed in the hills of Bisesero. More are killed in the town's hospital and church just because of their religion and worships and beliefs.
  • rpf takes control

    rpf takes control The RPF takes control of the presidential palace. eversince france came along to help with the Genocide in Rwanda, the Hutu's have backed off of trying to kill the tutsis and taking over Rwanda but still made the their presence known.
  • president assasinated video

  • safe zone

    safe zone The French establish a safe zone in the southwest corner of Rwanda. When the french established the safe zone it gave them not the most but a few resources in which gave them a little power which scared the hutus a little bit and later making them flee.
  • hutu's fleeing

    hutu's fleeing Approximately one million people, mostly Hutu, begin fleeing to Zaire (now called the Democratic Republic of the Congo). eversince the rpf came it has made the Hutus back off with their power of overtaking Rwanda. And are now fleeing because of the reinforcements sent by france and other countrys trying to help.
  • genocide is over video

  • Genocide ends

    Genocide ends
    The Rwanda Genocide ends when the RPF gains control of the country. when the Rpf started gaining control by sending out more and more troops to help protect the country of Rwanda and the tutsis of Rwanda and later once the rpf became undefeatable they decided to flee to the congo.