Genetics Timeline

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    Timeline of Genetics

  • Achromatic Lens Discovery

    Achromatic lens were discovered by Chester Moore Hall. It is used in microscopes instead of single lens because single lens decomposes light into its components while achromatic lens doesn't. Sources:
  • Units of Inheritance in Pairs

    Gregor Mendel experimentally proved the transmission of traits in discrete, indepenent pairs of units. Source:
  • DNA discovery

    Frederick Miescher managed to get DNA out of a sperm of trout. He called it nuclein. Source:
  • Chromosomes discovery

  • Quantitative Traits Experiments

    Walter S Sutton did some experiments on quantitative traits in broad beans.
  • Introduction of "Genetics"

    The first time to introduce the term "Genetics" by William Bateson.
  • chromosome theory of heredity

    Thomas Hunt Morgan came up with a theory about the l
    sex-linked inheritance. It was applied on the first mutattion of fruit fly, Drosophila and white eye.
  • Relation between genes and enzymes.

    George Beadle and Edward Tatum managed to reveal the relation between the genes and enzymes. They found that genes are responsible for producing particular genes.
  • Ration between A C T G

    Erwin Chargaff found that Adenine has the same amount as Thymine and Guanine has the same amount as Cytosine in DNA samples.
  • DNA and heredity

    Alfred Hershey and Martha Chase discovered that DNA are the molecules that are responsible for heredity.