generational timeline

By tons241
  • start of the baby boomers

    this generation was seen as the generation of change THEY LOVED ROCK N ROLL, blue jeans, this is when women made a big push for their equality in society. many big things came from this generation.
  • Period: to

    generations babyboomers to gen y/z

  • WW2 Ends

    allsoldiers return to australia,
  • working class child

    3000 working class children are sent from the united kingdom to australia, to be the working australians, that australia saw nessercary. this event hapened from 1947 to 1953
  • the teenager comes into play

    teen caulture was made somthing recignisable and was sparked by by rock n roll this era saw the bodgies and widgies. this was during the 1950s and 1960s
  • australia responds to cultural change

    this includes many things such as large and organised protestes against many things such as the vietman war, this happened from the 1940s to the 1970s
  • the start of gen X

    Generation X spans from 1964 to the late to mid 70's. This generation was significantly smaller than the previous generation (baby boomers) and marks the period of a decline in birth rates. As a whole, generation X is seen as ethnically diverse and better educated than previous generations. Over 60% of generation X attended college. Noticable characteristics of this generation are that they are individualistic, they were born into an era of two-income families, rising divore rates and a falterin
  • marriage and babies of the baby boomers

  • the stolen generation

    the stolen generatrion of Aboriginal children which too place from the 1900s to the 1980s
  • start of gen Y

    Generation Y consists of the people born between 1982-2000 and the population is approx. 70 million. Some information on Gen Y: Tech-Savvy: they rely on technology to perform their jobs better and prefer to communicate through email and text messaging. Family-Centric: like to trade high pay for fewer hours,schedules and a better work/life balance and prefer more family time over work.Some from older generations view this attitude as lacking commitment anddiscipline. Achievement-Oriented: Gen
  • the boat people/ well sort of

    over 2milion imigrants from south east asia settle in australia
  • start of generation Z

    This generation is the generation of personal internet and social abilities that were only avaliable to gen y but even so gen z has far superiour technowlage. in this generation tech is cheap and labour is expencive
  • sorry day

    the federal government appoligieses to the aborigional people for the stolen generation. this is the first government willing to do this, the appoligy was led by kevin rudd.