Generation Z timeline

  • Ipod 2001

    iPod was introduced with, for then, was such shocking capacity that, for the first time, music lovers could carry their entire music collection with them wherever they went.
  • Android Founded

    Most people think of the Android operating system as something Google developed, but that's not the whole story. Android was founded as a company, initially intended to build a operating system for digital cameras.
  • Youtube invented

    In 2005, it was very difficult and expensive to distribute video. I did some videos for clients and the challenges and costs were enormous. All that changed when YouTube made internet video free for everyone.
  • Birth of twitter

    Although Twitter upped its character count to 280 last year, the micro-blogging service created a new way to reach a tremendous number of people, instantly.
    Inventor Jack Dorsey
  • Birth of the Iphone

    The iPhone. It was rumored and anticipated for years, but when Steve Jobs finally held it up to show it, it still exceeded everyone's expectations. The thing was, it wasn't just the iPhone that blew the PC, music, landline, and cell phone markets apart. It was the apps, which took another year.
    inverter Steve Jobs