Generation X

Timeline created by Ang2186319
  • Phones

    In the 1960's phones became common in homes and eventually even in cars. Some of the phones during that time were wall phone, often found in the kitchen area of a home, and in an office building. Commonly referred to as the rotary phone.
  • TV

    In the mid 1960's TV's were still primarily black and white. Color TV was available, but was considered a luxury. Today you never here of a black and white TV. All TV's sold in the stores today are color already. Most broadcasting networks in the 1960's also mostly used black and white.
  • Email

    On October 29, 1969 the first email was sent from one computer to another. Raymond Tomlinson, also know as the inventor of the email, found a way to send messages from one location to another using the @ symbol. Email is widely used today for many purposes. Email is often used to communicate business transactions, communicate with family, or even to advertise a sale at a store.
  • Video Games

    Video Games
    Magnavox Odyssey was the first home video game console released in 1972. Followed by Atari in 1977. As popular demand continued to grow, gaming fell away from arcades and started showing up in homes. Millions of house holds today have a gaming system in them.
  • Personal Computer

    Personal Computer
    The personal computer was introduced to the public. Invented by Henry Roberts the Altair 8800 was released in January 1975. The development of personal computers has shaped our world today in many ways. Computers were now accessible in the average every day home which eventually allowed companies such as Microsoft to be created and take off.