Generation Kill

  • Start of book Pages 1-10

    The book starts off with by the narrator introducing himself, and he explains where he is at. He talks about what he does in Iraq, along with marine life.
  • Pages 11-33

    The soldiers of First Recon are preparing to see action. They pack up from base and move out. The temperature is very hot during the day and cold at night. The soldiers don't like this.
  • 34-59

    First Recon is going into enemy lines, taking fire. The soldiers love this. They all wanted to see action, and they got it.
  • 60-90

    First Recon is in an Iraqi city. They are plotting another attack. They see the Iraqi civilians that will probably die in the next few hours.
  • 91-115

    The marines are under heavy gunfire. The marines remain calm during the attack, even though machine gun bullets, and mortars are flying all around them.
  • 116-140

    The marines are outside of the town where locals have warned of an enemy attack. They are surrounded by open fields. There are house 300 back from them. They are in the middle of nowhere.
  • 141-161

    There is a huge fire at an electrical substation from battle. Fick's crew engaged an RPG team earlier.
  • 162-210

    Marines have to set up camp off the edge of the air field. They are told they will stay here for a day or more. Many of the Marines get to take their boots and socks off for the first time in a week.
  • 211-300

    The marines go on various missions in Iraq, and surrounding towns. First Recon is getting used to racing through towns, living off little sleep, and little food.
  • 301-354

    The author goes through the final fihgts in his tour, and sums up his thoughts and experiences on war.