Generals of the Confederate Army

By Burhan
  • General Robert E. Lee

    General Robert E. Lee
    Major battle that he fought in are Gettysburg,Second Bull Run,Antietam,Fredericksburg and Cold Harbor. Died in 1870.
  • General Joseph E. Johnston

     General Joseph E. Johnston
    Was in the army of Shenandoah,Northern Virginia,Tennessee, and in the Department of South Carolina and fought in First Bull Run and Bentonville. Died in 1891.
  • General Richard S. Ewell

    General Richard S. Ewell
    Fought in the battles of First Bull Run,Antietam and Gettysburg. Died in 1872
  • General Braxton Bragg

    General Braxton Bragg
    He was in the Department of Florida and fought these major battles,Stones River and Perryville. Died in 1876.
  • General Pierre G.T. Beauregard

    General Pierre G.T. Beauregard
    He was in the Confederate forces for Tennessee and Charleston and fought in Fort Sumter and First Bull Run. Died in 1893.
  • General Thomas J. Jackson

    General Thomas J. Jackson
    Was in the army of Northern Virginia and fought in First Bull Run,Second Bull Run and Antietam. Died in 1863.