General Assembly: Midnight Payraise

  • Increase in Salary

    Increase in Salary
    PA increased the amount of payment for the people in the governmental jobs. 16% to 34% raise dpending on the job.
  • Protest

    Protestors struck back by protesting the retention of Justice Russel.
  • Repeal

    Governor Rendell signed a repeal of the pay raise after a unanimous vote for repeal.
  • Gene Stilp

    Gene Stilp
    Gene Stilp began a law suit against the Midnight Pay Raise.
  • Supreme Court Ruling

    Supreme Court Ruling
    The Supreme Court allows the judges to keep the pay raise.
  • Judges

    More than 1000 judges will still get to keep their pay raises even though the Legislature replealed the raises.
  • "Checks and Balances"

    "Checks and Balances"
    Metcalfe announced a package of "checks and Balances" bills that took away pay raise, rduced judge term from 10 to 5, and removed judge retention.