GB The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks,fiction,239

  • 1-36

    The narrator is set to be an eighty year old man. The man describes himself and it begins to set the tone of the story and it introduces the story by foreshadowing. It is revieled that this old man reads the same notebook to the same elderly lady every day hoping for some miracle, leaving the reader wondering whay the significance of the lady is and what miracle the man is hoping to happen.
  • 37-78

    You are first introduced to Noah Calhoun. Noah is shown to be a lonely thirty year old man who is haunted by his past, causing him to be unable to move on. You then go back and see what it is that he cannot escape from. You discover his unforgotten love, Allie. You then realize that Allie is now engaged but she plans on going to see Noah one last time. In the end, the two end up shocked coming face to face with eachother after so man years.
  • 78-127

    Lon, Allies fiance continues to try to reach Allie but she never answers because she is with Noah. Lon begins to worry that he might be loosing his fiance. Allie spends the day with Noah, showing him her art work and she continues to fall in love with Noah again and continues to ignore her fiance. Romance continues to grow between the two.
  • 127-151

    Allie and Noah continue to increase their romance and just when everything seems to be gettting good, Allie's mother arrives at the door. Allie's mother has never approved of Noah and she gives Allie a chance to leave without having Lon know. Allie makes her desicion and leaves Noah which confuses the reader.
  • 151-239

    Allie drives back to her home with Lon but she reads the letters from Noah three times and cries,This leaves the reader wondering if she will go through with her desision to forget Noah completely.The last chapter returns back to the original narrator who ou figure is Noah and the woman is Allie.The miracle is the hope of having Allie remember their story and their forbidden love story.Allie spends one last day with until passing on.Noah discovers her letters and he realized she always loved him