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Gavin Corley

  • Josh Hamilton's Birth

    Josh Hamilton's Birth
    Josh Holt Hamilton was born in Raliegh, North Carolina.
  • 1999 Major League Draft

    1999 Major League Draft
    Josh was signed to Tamba Bay Devil Rays.
  • 2001 Drug Problems

    2001 Drug Problems
    Josh had to quit his 2001 season because of injuries and drug addictions.
  • Josh's Debut

    Josh's Debut
    Josh Hamilton was signed to the Cinncinati Reds and made his 2007 season debut.
  • Signs For the Rangers

    Signs For the Rangers
    Josh Hamilton signed to the Texas Rangers just one season after his debut.
  • American League RBI Champion

    American League RBI Champion
    Josh was crowned the American League RBI (runs batted in) Champion.
  • Batting Champion of the MLB

    Batting Champion of the MLB
    Josh Hamilton won the Batting Champion award for his average.
  • Silver Slugger Award

    Silver Slugger Award
    Josh Hamilton won the silver slugger award for the American League.
  • AL MVP

    AL MVP
    Josh won the AL Most Valuable Player after they beat the Los Angeles Angels.
  • All Star Game

    All Star Game
    Josh has been to the MLB All Star Game since his 2008 season.