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  • My birth

  • Mario Kart Ds

    Mario Kart Ds
    I like most people who have an emotional connection with the game Mario kart. i get the most nostalgia when thinking about the original DS version of the game. i really miss the version of the twisted mansion with the walking trees and peaches castle with the maze. i hope to see them remasted for new games. Yasuyuki Oyagi, Mario kart DS (2005), video game, Nintendo DS, Nintendo
  • Disney princess: Enchanted journey

    Disney princess: Enchanted journey
    I played this game until the disc broke. I have such fond memories of dancing around my lounge room with the Wii remote completing mini-games and defeating my first boss. it's really funny looking at the graphics now remembering how mesmerised by them I used to be. Mark Watters, Disney princess: enchanted journey, video game, wii console, The Walt Disney Company
  • Moshi Monsters

    Moshi Monsters
    I lived and breathed Moshi monsters, I had a paid membership so I could collect all of the moshlings. I still have heaps of merchandise for this game in the form of trading cards, stuffed toys, lego and figurines. seeing content for moshi monsters to this day brings a smile to my face. Michael Acton Smith, Moshi Monsters (2008), video game, desk top, Mind Candy
  • Night in th woods

    Night in th woods
    I'm still completely enchanted by this game and its story. All of the characters seem so lifelike and incredibly charming despite being flat talking animals. it isn't very game play heavy besides may's dream but the story hit it out of the ball park in terms of quality.
    Alek Holowka, night in the woods (2017), video game, steam, infinite fall
  • splatoon 2

    splatoon 2
    I have always been interested in sea creatures and bright colours and splatoon perfectly marry the two. I'm obsessed with the character designs in this game from the playable inklings and octolings to the deep-sea denizens. my little brother and I love taking turns playing turf battle. Yusuke Amano, Splatoon 2 (2017), video game, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo
  • Pokemon Shield

    Pokemon Shield
    i had always been interested in the pokemon character designs and the anime but I hadn't played a game until shields release. i have wasted too many hours trying to fill my Pokedex and had a good time doing it. my emotional attachment to my level 100 coriknight is probably unhealthy. Game freak, Pokemon Shield (2019), video game, Nintendo switch, Nintendo