Game history of mine

By Minhhh
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    Just a day when i was born
  • Silent Hill

    Silent Hill
    The scope of Silent Hill lies in the fact that, although it seems to be a horror game, it is actually more akin to a game that preys on human psychology by having the mind itself symbolize the crimes that individuals commit. And Silent Hill's music is unique, it's almost a kind of philosophy to live by rather than pure music.
  • NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...

    NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...
    Nier, an intellectually demanding game, probes the complexities of morality and human nature, challenging players to ponder the ambiguity of luck, good versus evil, and right and wrong actions. It emphasizes the paradox of seeking advantage while aspiring to be moral and highlights the subjective nature of luck, urging players to embrace commitment and decision-making. The game underscores the importance of finding balance and exercising personal autonomy for a fuller understanding of life.
  • Returnal

    Returnal, an "all in the head" game, weaves a complex and mysterious narrative.While dissecting each element may reveal incomplete pieces, the resulting picture is marked by unexplained holes, making the journey special.The ambiguity invites diverse player interpretations, fostering unique hypotheses that reflect individual thoughts and worldviews. Because after all, an unsolved mystery full of open doors for theories is certainly more interesting than a glorified mystery, right?
  • Final Fantasy XVI

    Final Fantasy XVI
    A classic series at its finest. To fully appreciate the story's subtle character development, I wanted to revisit it. I wanted to listen to the incredible soundtrack all the way through and enjoy its virtuoso beauty, strength, and range once more. I wanted to throw opponents into the air, juggle them, and then slam them into the ground, all before using a well-timed spell to finish them out. Everything is just fantastic.

    This RPG masterpiece blends engaging storytelling, rich side stories, and immersive gameplay. Choices shape the experience, complemented by charismatic characters and a captivating soundtrack. Stunning visuals and the joy of crafting unique strategies enhance the game, despite minor issues with inventory and ally assistance. The intricacy and unpredictability add to its allure, creating a distinctive and enjoyable experience.