Game Console History

  • Atari 2600

    Atari 2600
    It was the first game console to have plug-in cartridges instead of already installed games.
  • Nintendo NES

    This was the beginning of Nintendo fame. They started off selling in Japan, and at first, wasn’t a bit success due to constant freezing and more problems. But then as more and more people got the game, it became very popular. America thought the same.
  • Sega Genisis

    This was the king of the 1990’s, taking over Nintendo and once again, claiming the throne to the gaming market.
  • Sony PlayStation

    Nintendo had told Sony to make a CD-ROM add-on called “PlayStation” for the SNES. But Sony wanted 25% of what Nintendo earned from the sales of this product, Nintendo left and turned to Philips. Sony carried out this product and it became a huge success.
  • Sony PlayStation 2

    When it first came out, not many people had it due to manufacturing delays. It was so popular that it was really hard to find, resulting in people going online to buy it, such as on eBay and other online places. People were buying the console for twice or even five times more than the original price.
  • Nintendo Game Cube

    Many people were shocked that the Nintendo GameCube was so simply designed to look like a geometric cube. The disk read from the outer-most edge inwards, unlike the standard DVD. This was mainly intended to prevent piracy of GCN titles, but it was eventually cracked.
  • Microsoft X-Box 360

    This was the successor to the original X-Box. It was Microsoft’s latest and newest video game.
  • Nintendo Wii

    This console was known as the “Revolution” until April 27th. It was renamed “Wii”. The Wii is clever in many ways. The remote has a sensor that can sense the person’s 3D position and imitate it on the screen. The Wii also had many other remotes, such as the Nunchuck, the two-hand held device and many other add-ons.
  • Sony PlayStation 3

    The PlayStation three was such a success and so popular that many people were literally fighting over them, stealing them, robbing people of them, and more disgracing things.
  • Microsoft X-Box

    This was Microsoft’s bit step into the game console industry. X-Box launched the “Live” gaming with other people all around the globe. You just needed to sign in. The X-Box Live managed to have an increase of 1 million subscribers in just one year.