G10 Personal Project Timeline 2021

By armaanf
  • Period: to

    Research of Product - Part 1

    I will conduct research on my product by answering the following questions:
    1. How does air quality, particulate matter and other related concepts connect together regarding air in our environment?
    2. How are these concepts used when measuring whether the air quality is safe or unhealthy for humans?
  • Period: to

    Research of Product - Part 2

    Answer more questions:
    5. What sensors have been used to measure AQI and other air-related measurements?
    8. How has IoT enabled AQI sensors been made and used before? (use hackaday.io or hackster.io as a resource)
  • Citation of sources

    Cite any and all sources used when researching with the MLA 8 format and store it on the document. Also, use in-text referencing when summarizing research
  • Period: to

    Creation of my product

    Once the parts arrive, assemble the product using the newfound skills and research that was acquired according to the schematics. Test and verify that it's working on a hardware level, create and upload the necessary code to all the hardware elements in the system for it to function. Debug any code that is working incorrectly.
  • Period: to


    While producing my product, I will constantly record what happened each day in my process journal to show proof of work and effort put in. I will reflect on my schematics and summarize the challenges I faced when designing and creating the product using the SWOT method. I will test my product against the criteria table and verify if my product meets the expectations of the criteria table. I will analyze if it sufficiently achieves its purpose and how it could be improved.
  • Period: to

    Design Brief & Report

    I will create the design brief of my product:
    1. What my product is and what its main functions are (Product concept)
    2. How my product can be used and why it's beneficial
    3. The materials and skills that were used to create the product
    4. The final cost of the product and how it could be produced
    5. Creating success criteria to test the product against
    6. Analyzing the results and summarizing whether or not the product is successful in it's applied environment